If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Tyler was five years old when I first told him he had Asperger’s Disorder. It happened off the cuff, and if I’d had a chance to consider the implications I would have talked with his Dad, some friends, and […]


Putting the Sqeeze on the Kid

by Jodie on November 10, 2013

I taught Tyler the fine art of the steamroller the other day. I’m choosing to see this as therapeutic, as meeting his need for deep sensory stimulation. Temple Grandin had her ‘hugging machine;’ my kid has a loopy, lightly manic and not slight-of-body mother who is willing to roll over his entire person while continuously […]

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Just when you thought it was safe to walk in the woods…

October 29, 2013

My chaotic mommy brain has been sending me telegrams, good ones: Get back writing blog stop Find shit to laugh about stop It’s been a while, and if you’re wondering why, the ugly d-word has reared its head into our lovably riotous unit. Bill and I, after nine years of marriage, will be divorcing. It’s […]

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A Moment in Tyler’s Day

June 14, 2012

Many thanks to Ms. Nancy, Tyler’s fabulous teacher, for this gem of a Tyler moment. Oh, and names have been changed to protect the children my son has insulted. Tyler: Get out of here Jimmy, you have the brain the size of a walnut. Jimmy: (Loud tears coming from the other side of the room) […]

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Tragedy Strikes!

June 3, 2012

After many months of faithful service…the corkscrew succumbs to metal fatigue. When Bill finished his several comments about the stress endured by the corkscrew, he offered to run to the store to buy us a new one. What a guy! 🙂

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Siblings, Over the Rainbow

June 2, 2012

On the way home from school we spotted a rainbow. Tyler proclaimed, “We should follow it!” Shannon added, “We can find the little green guy!” Tyler said, “And his pot of gold. We’ll be RICH! And we can buy a yacht! Do you know what a yacht is, Mom?” This led to a discussion about […]

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One Summer Day in the Life of Jodie Capron

June 2, 2012

It was Thursday, only my second workless day of summer, and the first on which I was able to sleep in. I took my time about getting the kids ready for school, and since I had no plans outside of lunch with friends several hours later, I made a vague effort at taming my hair, […]

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A Quick One – For Chrissie

May 28, 2012

I woke up this morning with a headache, and Bill says, “Do you think it’s because you didn’t drink any wine last night? A reverse hangover?” Miss you Otis!

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I’ll Remind You on Prom Night, or Shannon and the Little Mommy Doll

May 24, 2012

My daughter’s single biggest wish last Christmas was for a “My Little Mommy” doll. Her requests began before Halloween, and remained constant. So, naturally, when my mother asked Shan what she wanted for a Christmas present, fulfillment of the wish was set in motion. Unless you have a little girl, you are probably blissfully unaware […]

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Motherhood never sleeps. Literally.

May 16, 2012

There was a time in my life, most notably in my early twenties, when I had complex desires: true love, or even just really sensational lust, all night dance clubs, bars with 30+ beers on tap, a bigger paycheck, any improvement in my pool shooting, a date with John Cusack, you know, high expectations. I […]

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